My favourite children’s books of all time

Favourite children's books - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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Reading has always held a special place in my heart. Not just for the love of stories and the ability to experience a different world, if only in my mind, but also for the memories they bring of loved ones I may have shared a particular book with, special moments in time and even places I have travelled.

I have always loved to read and lucky for me my children seem to enjoy it just as much as I do. Reading a book forms special part of Miss 2’s bedtime routine every evening, with the two of us sharing a book before she gets tucked in for the night, just as I did with my two older girls. Even now, Miss 8 and Miss 12 still enjoy sharing a few pages of their latest chapter book with me before bed.

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More book reviews for different reading stages and ages

More book reviews for different reading stages and ages - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

I’m back today with a few more book reviews for children of different reading stages and ages.

I am reviewing three books covering toddlers, young children and tweens … with a little help from my three daughters. I hope that by offering opinions from my own children, it essentially gives other parents a really insight into what kids really think of some of the books that are available to them – these are essentially book reviews by kids for kids.

Previously on the blog, I have covered the topics of how to encourage young people to read throughout their school years, even during the school holidays – I learned a great deal from these guest posts by Dymocks Literacy Expert Ryan Spencer.

At my request, Dymocks also provided a list of book recommendations for different age groups in these posts and I recently received a book for each of my girls, who are aged one, seven and 11, to review.

You can also read my past book reviews for different reading stages here.

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Guest post: Encouraging your children to read over the summer holidays

Encouraging your children to read over the summer holidays - Ever-changing Life of a MumHello summer holidays!

I love this time of year and the much needed break from routine – something my family was craving as we limped towards the finishing line of the last school term. It’s time for the kids to put the text books away, relax and have some fun.

But that doesn’t mean they should pack away books entirely because the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to spend time reading some books of their own choice and delve into a world of imagination.

I myself was sitting on the couch for much of the afternoon yesterday and, while at this time of year it’s often interrupted by my children needing me to help them with an activity or wanting a snack, it wasn’t long before I was joined by one of my daughters after asking me to help her pick a book to read from her bookshelf.

Today I have Dymocks Literacy Expert, Ryan Spencer on the blog to help parents discover some fun ways to encourage their children to read over summer holidays.

There are also some book recommendations to suit various age groups – I’ll also be reviewing a few of these books in a later post on the blog.

Ryan offers some great tips in this post that hopefully kick starts a summer full of reading fun.

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