Guest post: How to avoid out of pocket private hospital expenses

How to avoid out of pocket private hospital expenses - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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You’ve been paying your health insurance premiums each month, it’s rather expensive but you keep finding the money for peace of mind that your family is protected.

So it’s really frustrating that when you do finally need to go to hospital and make a claim on your insurance to find that not only do you need to pay the excess but you’re also you out of pocket a chunk of money to cover a range of expenses not covered by your policy.

This has happened to me. I originally took out private health insurance when my husband and I began planning to have our first baby. I’ve since had all three of  my children in the private hospital system. At the time, my hospital cover was considered top of the range, but I have still found myself out of pocket for certain costs, such as the anaesthetist.

I have to admit that it was a bit of a shock at first as we hadn’t factored in that extra expense, but after that we were better prepared and knew we needed to allow for these costs.

However, not all hospital visits are planned, so Sally from Health Insurance Comparison is here to offer some tips to help keep those costs to a minimum and your family budget looking healthy at the same time.

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