A lesson in acceptance

A lesson in acceptance - Ever-changing Life of a MumSo for the past few days I feel as though my head has been spinning.

There has been so much going on. I really dislike using the word ‘busy’ as I feel it is thrown around far too easily in conversation these days, so instead I’ll describe life as ‘chaotic’, what with getting the girls back to school and settling into new timetables for after school activities.

Plus, I’m making sure I’m there for my mum and helping her sort through the paper trail following the passing of my father a few weeks ago.

Add in the discovery that Miss 10 needs to begin her orthodontic treatment earlier than I expected Рstarting with the extraction one of her baby tooth next week (!!) Рon top of our usual specialist appointments, and my calendar is starting to seriously overflow.

Initially, it came as a relief to be so ‘busy’ (ok, ok I had to use it this time). Having three kids and family life was a welcome distraction. It sent me into autopilot mode and allowed me to avoid some deeper, more upsetting feelings about my father’s death. But right now I just feel like throwing my hands up and saying enough is enough. I need some time to process.

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