Setting up a family budget

Setting up a family budget - Ever-changing Life of a MumLet’s face it, budgeting isn’t much fun. But when you’re living on one income it’s kind of a necessity.

Before making the decision to walk away from my career to spend more time with my family, I crunched some serious numbers to figure out how we were going to drop one full time income.

Through that process, do you know what I discovered? That there’s actually something quite satisfying about seeing our money trail written down on paper or the screen and realising that it could be done. That there wasn’t any reason why we couldn’t live on one income, besides not wanting to.

After more than 10 years as a working mum, I’m extremely grateful that we are currently in a position to allow me to be a stay at home mum. But the change has brought along¬†plenty of challenges.

Living on one income has involved a major change in mindset for our family … and it’s certainly a work in progress. If there is anything that living on one income has taught me, it’s questioning just how important particular purchases are compared against others. You really need to want to make it work.

I’ve had this blog post on the to do list for some time now. But in all honesty, I felt like I needed to ‘walk to talk’ for a while before I could start making suggestions to others interested in doing the same.

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One year ago…

One year ago Ever-changing Life of a MumOne year ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life … and it has been the best decision I ever made.

One year ago I walked away from a hard-earned career … and I have never regretted it.

One year ago I recognised my stress, anxiety and tiredness … and decided to do something about it.

One year ago I chose my beautiful family over everything else … and the time I have spent with them is priceless.

One year ago I put my family’s happiness before everyone else … and I now only wish I had done so sooner.

One year ago six simple words changed my life forever … and I will be forever grateful to my daughter for showing me the way.

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