Review: Little Innoscents cleaning range

Review Little Innoscents cleaning rangeUsing natural cleaning products to help keep my home clean and tidy is really important to me.

So when I was recently introduced to Little Innoscents’ new Clean and Green cleaning range while attending the Kids Business bloggers brunch event I was keen to give the products a try in my home.

For some time now, I have been making my own cleaning products to use around the home. Not only do I find this better for my and my family’s health, particularly my asthma, but it’s super budget friendly not having to buy store bought cleaning sprays.

However, on occasions when I do choose to buy cleaning sprays I like to make sure these are as natural as possible.

The Little Innoscents Clean and Green ranges features a multi-purpose spray, dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid and fabric softener.

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Review: Organix baby food + Tips for starting finger foods

Review Organix baby food - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

In conjunction with Organix

Starting your baby on solids can bring with it a whole lot of questions – when to start, what to feed, how much.

Even after having my third baby I had the same questions and I had to resort looking back through past baby food recipe books for some answers.

In the end, after successful attempts with some baby rice cereal and some homemade fruit and vegetable purees around six months of age, I kind of fell into baby led weaning with Miss 1. At the time, I didn’t really know this was even an actual ‘thing’. It was something I just started to do because in the craziness of a school morning it was easier for bubs to snack on some finger foods rather than be spoon fed. She would quite happily sit in her highchair and suck on a toast finger or some pieces of fruit while I made school lunches and got breakfast ready for the rest of the family.

While I generally like to make a lot of my girl’s snacks, it’s still really helpful to have some pre-made options ready to go in the fridge or pantry for when time is short or you need to leave the house in a hurry.

Miss 1 and I were recently given the opportunity to give some Organix baby food a try, including their fruit pots and baby biscuits.

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Putting my dishwasher to the test with Finish + giveaway

Putting my dishwasher to the test with Finish

*This post is in collaboration with Finish

School holidays have just finished in Victoria meaning my parenting skills have well and truly been put to the test over the past two weeks … along with my dishwasher!

No matter how many times I remind my children to re-use the same cup or plate, a new one is always taken out of the cupboard for the next snack or meal.

This means that over the past two weeks, my dishwasher has been packed full almost daily with everyday cutlery and dishes as well as baking utensils, mixing bowls and the like. I really do love my dishwasher, particularly thinking of the countless hours it is has saved me washing dishes in the kitchen sink over the past couple of weeks.

Luckily, the lovely people at Finish offered me the opportunity to road test its Powerball Quantum Max dishwasher tablets at just the right time … and let’s just say these little blocks of cleanliness certainly had their work cut out for them!

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