When life throws you a reminder … or three

When life throws you a reminder - Ever-changing Life of a MumThe last few days have been rather exhausting as my baby girl has been sick with a bad cold for most of the weekend which means we have both had very little sleep over the past few nights.

So as I dragged my feet towards my computer, I wondered what I might pull together for today’s blog post – my enthusiasm was there but my brain and body certainly were not.

And then I came across this post which I had written but shelved for some reason … a lack of time perhaps or maybe it just didn’t feel right at that moment.

But reading back over it this morning, it was exactly what I needed to hear. A reminder that time is too precious, that it’s ok to slow down and do what feels right at this moment.

So I thought I would share it with you  …

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Simple living ideas: useful ways to slow down your life

Simple living ideas - useful ways to slow down your lifeSlowing down, simplifying, becoming a minimalist …. whatever you like to call it, there is a lot of talk lately about people making a conscious decision to step back from the craziness of life.

I’m one of them. Although when I made a decision to leave my career to become a stay at home mum and focus on my family, I actually didn’t realise I was taking my first step towards simplifying my life.

At the time, I just felt overwhelmed and knew that something needed to change, and quickly, more for reasons of my health and happiness than anything else.

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Slowing down and simplifying my life

Slowing down and simplifying my life Ever-changing Life of a MumRight now I feel like my head is a whirl of information. There has been a lot going on in my ‘space’ lately and I am feeling a little overwhelmed and it’s not where I want to be.

Juggling a baby and my blog has been tricky. I’m also completing an online blogging course to give me the tools I need to take my blog to the next level. As I started to set goals for my blog I became super excited for what lies ahead, but in the process I have started to fall back into some old habits.

I feel hurried and on edge again. I feel rushed, like there is always something else I have to do, and my mind is unable to focus and enjoy the present. These are feelings I know all too well and it’s a path I don’t want to travel again.

Since leaving work a year ago I have been trying to carve a slower, simpler lifestyle me and for my family – to enjoy the little things – but niggling in the background has been the pressure of surviving on one income.

While my family has been handling this massive change well, it is quite challenging at times, particularly as I have always worked (either part-time or full time) since having my children so we have always lived quite comfortably.

Despite enjoying this much needed slower lifestyle, I have slowly started to put pressure on myself to bring in some sort of extra income – to feel like I am once again contributing to this family in some way; perhaps guilty for pursuing my passions while my husband heads off to work each day, something I’m ever grateful for.

So I am stepping back for a moment to re-centre my focus and take a moment to remind myself of the important things in my life and the positive changes I have made over the past year …

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