An interview with my children 2017

An interview with my children 2017 - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Ah, the school holidays are here again and yesterday was such a cold, rainy day that it seemed the perfect time to sit down with my girls for my annual ‘An interview with my children’.

This is the third instalment of this series in which I ask my girls the same series of questions each year, usually during the September school holidays.

This year was extra fun as Miss 2 joined in, providing us with some rather humorous answers. We had so much fun and laughed a great deal during this interview, particularly with Miss 2’s responses. I also love seeing how my older girls answers are changing (or in some cases not changing) over the years.

Keep on reading for the 2017 edition of my interview with Miss 2, Miss 8 and Miss 12.

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An interview with my children – 2016

An interview with my children 2016 - Ever-changing Life of a MumHere we are back again for this year’s instalment of ‘An interview with my children’.

Last year during the September school holidays, I was finding it difficult to make the time to blog so I had the idea of asking my children a series of questions to record moments of their life, their hopes, their dreams and some of their favourite things. It worked out so well that I decided it would be interesting to ask the same questions each year to see how their answers change as they grow.

These school holidays just flew by – seriously, where is this year going?! – but I had time at the end of last week to quickly interview my girls so I thought I’d still pop the answers up on the blog now as they begin Term 4.

Once again, only my two older girls participated this year but I really look forward to when I can include my youngest daughter as well and hear answers from all three of them … I’m sure it will make for some pretty funny and rather cute responses in years to come!

For now, here’s the 2016 edition with Miss 7 and Miss 11.

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Anxiety in children – how to help when the worries take hold

Anxiety in children - Ever-changing Life of a MumWorry, stress, doubt, insecurity, fear. Feelings of anxiety can affect people of all ages, but when they start to take hold of your young children you can often feel helpless as a parent, although you would do anything to make them feel better.

Children can suffer from anxiety to the point where it can be debilitating for themselves and their surrounding family members. Sure, some level of stress and worry is normal for everyone, but when it starts to prevent your children from enjoying their day to day life then it’s time to seek further help.

I have experienced a time like this with one of my daughters. It began with a refusal to go to school or extracurricular activities, many teary episodes and complaints of a sore stomach. Then the vomiting started followed by the panic attacks.

The worries had taken over and were controlling her every thought and action. It was awful to see my usually confident, smiling daughter this way. It was also very frustrating as even my daughter didn’t even understand why she was having these feelings and there were no particular incidents pinpointing such strong emotional reactions.

In the end, we sought some professional help for our daughter and it made a massive difference. It taught her, and us as parents, some fantastic skills that I’m sure not only helped at the time but will see her through the school years and beyond.

Recently when some of these feelings began to flare up again, I quickly pulled out some of the past notes and workbooks to remind us of the techniques we had learned and used. Getting on top of it early certainly made a big difference this time round.

I decided to share this story and some of the techniques we used to help reach out to other parents with children who may be going through a similar situation. I want them to know that they are not the only ones. It can feel extremely isolating when it seems like every other child is happily walking into their classrooms while yours is a complete mess in the school yard or hallway, begging you to take them back home.

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